Second Time Around!

Been a little busy

(I’m currently working on a masculine version of goblets, Nuts & Bolts), stay tuned…

2013-05-30 12.20.39


Like mother, like daughter!

My granddaughters dresser (Dr. Seuss theme nursery), painted by her mommy.  I wonder where she gets it from =)


Old Door Knobs 

I’m really excited!  I have acquired some old door knobs and cover plates (back plates?).


I put them in a crock pot of soapy water and set on low for four hours, then high for four hours.
The white film you see around the top edge of the crock pot washes off easily.

I used a nylon bristle scrub brush to get the paint off,  it took about 15 minutes to get the paint off of all of them.

I used a two part epoxy  I bought at a peppy 🙂 automotive supply store to glue the knobs to the back plate .
This stuff dries fast inside the nozzle, make sure you have everything
laid out and ready to glue if you ever use this.
I put them on wax paper before applying the epoxy.
Let set for 24 hours.
Ready to go!
I painted some canvas (already framed) using regular Antique White crafters paint and mixed in a tint (Burnt Umber) and Metallic Gold until I got the tone I wanted.

The color is actually darker than in this picture.

I embellished the canvas with these decorative keys I bought at a craft store.


I hung the canvas up on the wall and  attached the knobs with screws and anchors to the wall underneath (coat rack).

And a picture hanger!


2 thoughts on “Second Time Around!

  1. I love the door knob idea for coats! Clever.

    When we moved out of our first home (built back in the early 40’s) we left all the original pretty glass door knobs…maybe 20+ and one of the few things about that old drafty house I really liked. A few months later I was visiting a friend in my old neighborhood. She said one of the first things the new homeowner did was replace them with brass ones. Dang!

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